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Cash Flow Management (CFM)

Cash flow is the heart of everything. All money flows whether it be from business income, employment income, insurance payments, investments, etc. falls in this area.

This is where we start with you to determine where you are now. Providing guidance in this segment is a relief to most.

Investment Position (IP)

Looking at all of your investments, not just what is in the market, is what is covered in this category.

Investments are what fund cash flow now and in the future, money that makes money.

Do you have an Investment Policy? Are you using forward looking due diligence with your investments? If not, you may want to speak with us to review.

Tax Planning (TP)

We coordinate tax planning with your tax adviser so that it improves your investing, cash flow and your estate.

This ensures that you do not miss on tax opportunities that could help improve your bottom line.

NOTE: We are not tax preparers not give tax planning advice. Please consult with your tax professional for any specific recommendations.

We can provide references to tax professionals if needed.

Estate Preservation (EP)

Are your personal wishes about who you want to give your property in place? Will your family be taken care of if something happens to your life? 

Estate Preservation is not just a document, it is a process of laying out a program to ensure that your legacy is honored. One of the more neglected areas of planning, let us look into your estate and see if what you want is what is in your plan.

NOTE: We do not provide specific legal advice where an appropriately licensed legal professional would be needed.

We can provide references to legal professionals if needed.


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