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SmartDollar Employer Financial Wellness by Dave Ramsey

The Reality of Employees' Financial Struggle

It's a fact: 70% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck1. Sadly, 24% of their take-home pay is going straight toward consumer debt2. With the rest of their paycheck allocated to a mortgage, utilities, food and education, it’s no wonder that retirement contributions are low. Working Americans think they just don’t have the money for it. Dave Ramsey’s SmartDollar teaches participants to proactively take control of their money. It provides a combination of clear direction and motivation that has helped millions of people improve their ability to budget, pay down debt, save, and invest for the future.

SmartDollar is simple to understand and easy to use, Personal finance education doesn’t have to be a boring seminar and a PowerPoint presentation. Engaging videos paired with useful tools and personalization tools empower your participants to take control of their financial situation. With the right information and effective tools, retirement participants learn that saving for retirement should come from the top line, not the bottom. Featured topics include: College, Houses, Insurance, Retirement, Saving, Budgeting, Debt and Investing. Through your relationship with Kaliver Wealth Management and LPL Financial you have access to this program for up to 60% less than offered directly - one of the lowest pricing options available.

  • ONLINE AND MOBILE ACCESS: Our online solution reaches multiple business locations, shifts and people at any given time. SmartDollar is available 24/7 on any device, so your participants and their spouses can use when it’s convenient for them.
  • BUDGETING TOOLS: SmartDollar’s Quick-Start Budget Tool empowers your participants to make a plan for their money that meets their unique needs. When combined with clear education, our money tools are very powerful.
  • INDEPENDENT, UNBIASED ADVICE: After more than two decades of helping people with money, Dave has heard it all. With the "Ask Dave" feature, hear Dave's answers to specific questions just like yours.
  • WE’RE IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL: A one-time lunch-and-learn session is good. . . for about an hour. Our online program helps participants learn over time so they can form better money habits that last.
  • PERSONALIZATION: Just as each participant has unique talents, they also have unique money situations. SmartDollar provides the advice and tools they need no matter where they are financially.
  • EMPLOYEE BENEFIT: SmartDollar can be offered to an entire company at one time. When the whole company goes through the program together, you see a much better ROI.
  • REPORTING: We provide detailed tracking throughout the program so you’ll see the real progress your participants are experiencing. Use this to further educate your participants and be the hero that brought real change to their business.



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Dave Ramsey's SmartDollar program is not affiliated with LPL Financial. For Plan Sponsor Use Only - Not for Use with Participants or the General Public
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