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Why Work With Us

There are lots of resources out there today offering help with designing a financial strategy. The main difficulty with finding the resource you need is determining who has the level of knowledge, experience and service capabilities necessary to discover, design, and implement an individualized Values Based Financial strategy. Additionally, the average household is challenged with finding the time to stay disciplined to a plan, especially when attempting to do it alone.

So, Who Is The Right Financial Advisor For Me?

Ask yourself the following questions...

  • Is my advisor working in my best interest?
  • What is their business model (investment firm, insurance broker, etc.?) Do they truly provide Values Based Planning, or "planning light?"
  • Do they hold important advanced certifications or education, such as a Certified Financial PlannerTM designation?
  • Do all of your financial "parts" work together?

At Mergent Group, we believe that transparency of costs and expenses, simplicity of design, coordination, continuing accountability of education and a documented process of implementation are all prime factors in working with a firm. Simply put, the value of services must equate to the cost. At Mergent Group, we structured our practice to address these questions and we focus on the value provided to the client. Not every person becomes a client. We want to be the right fit for the right person. It is a mutual decision and we pride ourselves on working with those that work well with us. We are different in our approach and are proud to serve our clients this way.,