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What We Do

Mergent Group is dedicated to serving clients who are serious about making smart financial choices with their money. Creating an inspiring financial strategy is the outcome of every engagement with our firm. There are three supporting tenets to each personalized program:

The plan foundation is rooted in your most deeply held personal values. It is centralized around those personal values by implementing goals that maintain the alignment of what matters most to you to the outcome of the plan.

There are things not in our control in our daily lives. We help you focus on the things you can control in your personal life instead of the things that you cannot, such as news and world events, the markets or the economy. Focusing your individualized strategy around what you think about and value most helps generate a successful outcome.

We help you maintain complete financial organization. All your important financial documents are organized. Each tool and strategy in the plan has an assigned specific task to help prepare for the expectation of certain and uncertain financial events throughout your lifetime.